#DesignedForYourStory: Carla Laus

Designed For Your Story is a campaign that features Rich Earth Jewelry’s customers and supporters—the brand’s very own inspiring ambassadors. Its main objective is to highlight the intrinsic nature of women that makes them equally distinct, but in some ways, somehow, alike and relatable.
Every other month, we will feature one uniquely incredible person. We'll be asking them a few simple questions to learn all about what inspires them and how they navigate the world around them.

This month's feature is on Carla Laus. Get to know all about her below:


I am happiest when I’m sharing an adventure with the people I love, especially spontaneous ones. When I’m bringing joy to the lives of people, especially when they need it most. When I see great ideas come to life, especially those we worked really hard for.

What keeps you busy during the day?

On weekdays, I’m busy making brands matter. On weekends, I’m spending time with people who matter the most to me.

Carla Laus for Rich Earth Jewelry

My favorite place/city is Siargao for reconnecting with myself and dancing with the waves. Saigon for all the beautiful stories I’ve made while living far from home. Melbourne for the street art, music scene, steak and wine. France for simply being charmingly, romantically French.

Favorite quote

“Anticipation is the purest form of pleasure.” A quote I thought was from Gustave Flaubert in Sentimental Education. Turns out the exact quote is from a 90s TV series, inspired by him nevertheless. I love the whole idea of excitement building up. It’s a truly wonderful feeling to be in constant anticipation of something great.

Carla Laus feature for Rich Earth Jewelry
First memorable piece of jewelry

A necklace with a cross pendant made of white gold with little diamonds given to me by my Mom back in high school.

Describe your personal style

Carla Laus feature for Rich Earth Jewelry


Playful. Not much regard for the latest trends. A fascination for vintage, be it my mom’s bell bottoms from the 70s or my loafers from high school. Lovely pieces with stories to tell. Or whatever makes me feel good that moment.

Photos | Video | Music: Fraulein Bañares
Hair | Make-up: Keij Joseph
Location: Rich Earth Jewelry Studio, Philippines

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