#DesignedForYourStory: Danni Brimo Stern

Designed For Your Story is a campaign that features Rich Earth Jewelry’s customers and supporters—the brand’s very own inspiring ambassadors. Its main objective is to highlight the intrinsic nature of women that makes them equally distinct, but in some ways, somehow, alike and relatable.
Every other month, we will feature one uniquely incredible person. We'll be asking them a few simple questions to learn all about what inspires them and how they navigate the world around them.
This month's feature is on Danni Brimo Stern. Get to know all about her below:

I am happiest when the people I love are happy. And we are usually happiest around good food, music and drinks.

What keeps you busy during the day?

The answer to this question really reflects the transitional stage in my life. Currently, I’m busy organizing our home- merging our two lives together and making sure everything is harmonious and comfortable. This also includes taking care of our massive baby, a mixed-breed husky named Bruce.

Being a real estate agent really allows me to own my time and choose exactly how busy I want to be- a far cry from my banking days when I slaved away till ungodly hours.

Once the dust settles and the moving is complete, I’m sure the answer to this question will be radically different.

Danni Brimo Stern for Rich Earth Jewelry

My favorite place/city is:

Hardest question! To name a few (because no way I can pick just one!)

- Zambales

- Mexico City

- Barcelona

- Florence

- Seoul

Favorite quote

"Should God not grant me the knowledge to avoid the discomforts of old age, I hope He will at least grant me a long enough life and the leisure to endure them. Yet all depends upon his of the main points of my own ethical code is to love life without fearing death." Descartes

Danni Brimo Stern for Rich Earth Jewelry
First memorable piece of jewelry

A watch my parents gave me on my 18th birthday and, of course, my engagement ring.

Describe your personal style

Danni Brimo Stern for Rich Earth Jewelry

My personal style has a personality disorder. My sisters are quick to say my style is bohemian, but I have days where I’m more classic. I’m attracted to romantic and quirky details- frills, ribbons, loud colors, knits and linens. Although to be honest these days I’m usually in Lulu Lemons, a t-shirt and running shoes.
My ideal wardrobe would be based off of Ali McGraw’s character Jenny from “Love Story”, but with a little more pizzazz.
Photos | Video | Music: Fraulein Bañares
Hair | Make-up: Keij Joseph
Location: Rich Earth Jewelry Studio, Philippines

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