#DesignedForYourStory: Nikki Santiago-Rivera

Designed For Your Story is a campaign that features Rich Earth Jewelry’s customers and supporters—the brand’s very own inspiring ambassadors. Its main objective is to highlight the intrinsic nature of women that makes them equally distinct, but in some ways, somehow, alike and relatable.
Every other month, we will feature one uniquely incredible person. We'll be asking them a few simple questions to learn all about what inspires them and how they navigate the world around them.
This month's feature is on Nikki Santiago-Rivera. Get to know all about her below:


I am happiest when doing everything, nothing, and anything in between with my family.

What keeps you busy during the day?

On weekdays, and on weekends and holidays, my family.

Nikki Santiago Rivera feature on Rich Earth Jewelry
My favorite place/city is Japan. I daydream of stuffing myself with sushi and basking in its cool Spring weather while navigating the luxuriant parks.

Favorite quote

It can only get better. I'm not sure if there's anyone famous who said this. It's more of my mantra.

Nikki Santiago Rivera feature on Rich Earth Jewelry
First memorable piece of jewelry

My mom introduced me to Mikimoto pearls sometime during my pre-teens—that alone makes them special. They are also a reminder of her wisdom.

Describe your personal style

Nikki Santiago Rivera feature on Rich Earth Jewelry

Comfortable but I'm also brave enough to challenge myself at times.


Photos | Video | Music: Fraulein Bañares
Hair | Make-up: Keij Joseph
Location: Rich Earth Jewelry Studio, Philippines

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