FACET: The Art Edition 2019 eBook

Art is everywhere. Inspiration is taken from all things under the sun, from the environment a person is in. We do not need to seek it. It is just there ready to be showcased by the creative eye.
Filipinos are known to be very creative. Creativity is ingrained in our DNA. Art shows, festivals, events and the like are a testament to this. FACET: An Art Book Project, is an amazing collaboration between 12 young artists and Rich Earth Jewelry, showcasing their immense talent and personal insights on how they view the world around them. The project aims to enlighten viewers on what each artist is passionate about and what they hope to achieve through their work. Likewise, take a peek at how they brought life and incorporated elements of Rich Earth Jewelry into their artwork.
The goal is to use art as an inspiration and a means of communication into the world of creativity and beauty.
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