How Do I Wear Thee? Let Me Count The Ways: Kaia Meraki Necklace 20

MERAKI is a beautiful Greek word that means to do something with soul, creativity, or love, and to put an essence of yourself into something that you do.

Rich Earth Jewelry Kaia Meraki Necklace 20
The latest, and one of our most versatile neck pieces is the KAIA MERAKI NECKLACE 20. This multi-wear piece features a pleasing combination of Rich Earth Jewelry's Signature Link Chain, and detachable, APEIRO Pendant Extenders, adding a bit of flair to a well-loved, Rich Earth Jewelry signature piece.
Kaia Meraki Necklace 20

So, how do I wear thee, you ask? 
Let us count the ways

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Wear the necklace in its original design combination

SHOP Kaia Meraki Necklace 20

Select three pendants, and wear the center pendant with the longest Apeiro pendant extender

SHOP Kaia Meraki Necklace 20

Use one pendant at a time

SHOP Kaia Meraki Necklace 20

Harmonize with color and ADD a staple, Meraki Gold Pendant, like our favorite, Small Golden Bloom Pendant

SHOP Kaia Meraki Necklace 20

Wear two contrasting pendants with a small, Meraki Gold Pendant

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We only showed you FIVE ways to wear this playful neck piece, but there are definitely tons of other design combinations to explore with this single piece!
How many design combinations can you come up with?
Start your collection today! Mix and match, layer, and wear your Rich Earth Jewelry pieces to your heart's delight. Check out the rest of our multi-wear pieces HERE.
Beaded Top: Jor-El Espina
Model: Jmeeh Inotorio
Location: Rich Earth Jewelry Studio, Philippines

Rich Earth Jewelry aims to capture the hearts of both its new, and loyal clientele by offering jewelry that give them the luxury of freedom and choice - the very core of the brand’s DNA.

Is this something you’d like to enjoy and experience? Shoot us a message and let’s get creative on a piece that’s truly #DesignedForYourStory.

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