Life + Style: The Luxury of Freedom and Choice

Not so long ago, what signifies as having reached a certain level of social status are the things that a person possesses, which are greatly regarded by society as rare and valuable. These may be in terms of owning a specific type of car, living in an affluent neighborhood, or having the latest fashion item. Luxury brands rode on this type of thinking and geared their marketing to attract those in the high level of social hierarchy or those who were aspiring to be part of it.
Rich Earth Jewelry Commissioned Piece
Nowadays, most people in this generation are exceptionally tech savvy and use social media platforms as a venue for showcasing every meaningful event they have in their lives. They see social standing as being based on where one is able to travel, or the experiences one enjoys. Social status has shifted from being measured based on material possessions to that of having the luxury to participate in meaningful and truly memorable experiences.
Rich Earth Jewelry Commissioned Piece
In line with this, a concept that is emerging as well is that of having the luxury of freedom – freedom to be able to choose the kind of life you want. This freedom is one wherein the goal is to be able to settle for the kind of life you desire, to pursue your passions, and seek the kind of experiences you only used to aspire for.
Rich Earth Jewelry Commissioned Piece
Rich Earth Jewelry aims to capture the hearts of both its new, and loyal clientele by offering jewelry that give them the luxury of freedom and choice - the very core of the brand’s DNA. A perfect example would be through commissioned designs, wherein customers work closely with the brand to design and choose pieces that suit their personalities and lifestyles.
Rich Earth Jewelry Commissioned Set
Another well-loved practice is by designing custom pieces through Rich Earth Jewelry’s Meraki Collection. The Meraki Selection has a variety of charms and pendants, as well as signature styles that customers can choose from, create a piece from scratch, and truly put an essence of themselves on a design that’s unique to them. The collection is meant to inspire and encourage creativity among Rich Earth Jewelry’s clientele.
Rich Earth Jewelry Commissioned Piece
Is this something you’d like to enjoy and experience? Shoot us a message and let’s get creative on a piece that’s truly #DesignedForYourStory.
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