Save Philippine Seas

Save Philippine Seas (SPS) is an independent movement that was first organized by concerned individuals who acted upon a report on April 9, 2011, regarding a US-based company that was allegedly illegally importing shells, corals, and other endangered marine wildlife from Indo-Pacific countries, including the Philippines. The group went public on May 26, 2011, via the #reefwatchPH hashtag on Twitter. From what began as an online advocacy, SPS became a non-stock, non-profit organization and was registered in the SEC in February 2013. Its legal name is Philippine Seatizens, Inc.
SPS aims to protect the country’s rich but threatened marine and coastal resources through information, education, and communication activities and community-based projects.
To learn more about Save Philippine Seas, visit their official website at
Proceeds for this collaborative partnership will benefit the projects and programs of non-profit organization, Save Philippine Seas.